Veterinary Intraoral Radiology Reading Services

Veterinary Intraoral Radiology Reading Services (VIRRS) was created to support veterinary general practitioners in their pursuit of dentistry and oral surgical excellence.   Veterinary Dentistry requires properly interpreted diagnostic intraoral radiographs to determine an accurate treatment plan.   As with standard radiographic images, the support of expert clinicians to assist you in interpretation of your diagnostic radiographs can be an indispensable asset to your veterinary practice. The clinical examination findings and photographs can be interpreted along with the intraoral radiographs for a comprehensive assessment and treatment recommendations.

Our Boarded Veterinary Dental Specialists are uniquely prepared to assist you in interpretation of your intraoral radiographs.   The doctors that provide our radiology reading services are not only Diplomates of the American Veterinary Dental College, but all of us have worked in general practice, on the front lines of veterinary dentistry.   This uniquely positions our dental specialists to help you because we have been in the position of the general practitioner and faced the same challenges you face on a daily basis.     We have also worked on the private specialty and referral side, taking your referrals and assisting with the care of your patients in addition to academic veterinary specialty practice.   This results in a well-rounded report for you that is based in the best evidenced-based medicine we can provide to be used in the world of general practice.

Our doctors work to maintain the most current knowledge base.   At all levels and aspects of veterinary medicine, the learning process never ends.   They are working actively in the realm of continuing education, providing continuing educational services across the US and the world.   They also work in referral practice, but we still remain available to provide a rapid response to your need for radiographic interpretation.

Let us assist you in raising the level of excellence you provide to your clients.

Complete Care
Intraoral radiographs are necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning in veterinary dentistry. Intraoral radiographs are the standard diagnostic imaging modality for veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Interpretation of radiographs, differentiating normal anatomy from pathology, is critical to providing the top level of care that you and your clients desire, and the care that your patients deserve.
Expert Reviews
All radiographs submitted to VIRRS are reviewed by our Boarded Veterinary Dental Specialists (Diplomates American Veterinary Dental College) with extensive clinical experience in referral practice. Additionally, all of our clinicians have worked in general practice prior to completion of a residency in Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery, allowing them to provide real-world recommendations that are based on available scientific knowledge and the art of clinical practice.
Superb Education
Our AVDC Diplomates are actively involved in educating veterinary practitioners through local, national, and international continuing education in order to help primary care veterinarians expand their knowledge base, skills, and practice. Additionally, both of our primary AVDC Diplomates have educated the next generation of veterinarians at veterinary colleges.