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How does VIRRS work?

How does VIRRS work?

Via our secure website, your staff will complete a history form with the patient’s information and any specific requests. This assists our Veterinary Dental Specialists in providing you with the most accurate assessment and treatment recommendations. You will then be taken to our secured cloud storage service to upload your intraoral radiographs and any clinical images you are able to provide.

Our doctors will be notified when your case is ready to be read and we’ll create a report for you.  The report will be sent to your office via the email address associated with your account.

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How are images stored?2018-10-13T03:18:06+00:00

VIRRS does not provide long term storage of your images. Once your images have been read and reported back to you, they are only available to our clinicians for a short amount of time to allow for follow-up assessment, if needed.

Why do you request clinical photos?2018-10-13T03:18:18+00:00

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Radiographs are a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object. Our Veterinary Dental Specialists have worked in multiple aspects of veterinary medicine and veterinary dentistry, including clinical practice. Clinical photos and detailed examination information will allow us to provide you with the most accurate results.

How will I receive my report?2018-10-13T03:18:29+00:00

All reports will be emailed to the address you provide when creating your account.

What if I need follow-up?2018-10-13T03:22:32+00:00

If you need follow-up, contact the clinician that created your report to discuss findings if you need clarification. Follow-up consultations are always available; depending on time between initial and follow-up assessment a fee may be assessed.

Can I submit radiographs of my pet that my veterinarian took?2018-12-31T20:09:10+00:00

We are only able to accept radiographs and review requests from licensed veterinarians in order to remain in compliance to the veterinary practice act and guidelines for telemedicine services.  We are happy to consult directly with your veterinarian about your pet’s images and provide a detailed report for them to use in conjunction with their examination findings.

What format is preferred for images?2019-01-09T05:22:53+00:00
.dcm (DICOM) and .jpg images are both acceptable formats and both are export options for intraoral radiography software.  A composite of images in a labial mounted single image may limit the scope of interpretation.  Single images of each radiograph is preferred and the upload limit is currently set at 32MB which should accomodate all images.  Please contact us if you have an image that does not upload.
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